Holiday Time Or A Staycation In Ireland?

Holiday Time Or A Staycation In Ireland? - Anita Aloe

The most topical question at the moment is what are you doing this year for your holidays? So like many others, our holiday will be a staycation in Ireland, visiting places of interest and nature. This staycation has put me thinking about what we will do and where will we go.

I heard a friend of mine saying that she had a bucket list of places to visit in Ireland, I have never thought of having a bucket list for places that I would like to visit in the country that I live in, I associate it with other countries. But this is a time of change, so why not create that bucket list and start getting out and about while staying safe.

Staycation In Ireland – Enjoying Nature – A butterfly on the island of Cape Clear

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Staycation In Ireland – It Has Been Decided!

I am going sailing with my siblings and their families, in Kinsale in County Cork, where we are going to pick a place and spend time getting out and exploring the coast. I have gone sailing before, however not everyone has sea legs – Denis, my husband turns green at the look of the sea so he drives to the places, meets us and has the task of grocery shopping done en route, it also allows us to have the freedom of having a car if we so need it.

I love the fresh air, the wind, and the excitement of heading out into the open space of the ocean – the sound of the waves washing over the boat at night, giving a rocking sensation, and lulling one to sleep. I love the fun of meeting up at night when we arrive in a marina, meeting new people sharing stories of where we visit, sharing their stories of tides, winds, and finding gems of coves along the coast. At night we all sit out on the deck with candles, reading, or playing cards and having dinner, listening to the sound of the gulls, or people in nearby boats chatting and laughing.

Leaving Baltimore heading back to Kinsale – Staycation In Ireland

Will I take that plunge?

I love swimming, however, I find it difficult to bear the elements and plunge into the sea. It can at times take me many attempts to get in, however, once I brace the coldness I am thrilled to swim every day for the duration of the holiday.  I admire so many people that swim every day in the sea, as you can imagine I am not one of them.

Nature And Serenity – My Perfect Irish Staycation

I love my daily walks, seeing all of the beautiful wildflowers along the hedges in Cork, it’s always so vibrant with colours of montbretia and hydrangeas, amongst others. There are always wild raspberries and strawberries as well as some early blackberries to be picked. Land and water offer such a peaceful switch off from the busyness of life, an opportunity to reflect and recharge my mind and body for the months ahead.

Staycation Ready!

Ready to start my staycation in Ireland, I’m feeling grateful for all of the gifts in my life – such a wonderful family to share these adventures with and the freedom to spend this time at sea.

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Beautiful Hydrangeas In Cork, Ireland
A Vibrant Montebretia – Staycation In Ireland

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