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A Health And Wellbeing Business Owner In Ireland

Wellbeing business owner in Ireland - Me With My Family

Running my own business from home gifts me with more time with loved ones – pictured here with my husband and son.

Hi, I’m Anita…. an Irish wife, Mammy, animal lover and wellbeing business owner in Ireland. I was born in Ireland’s premier county Tipperary, I run my own health and wellbeing business located in Dublin, Ireland. My business journey began when I started using Forever Living products to improve my own health, as I am a type 2 Diabetic. I was first recommended these products by a friend and having used them for a few years with my health improving I also stared to lose weight. As well as nature and mindfulness I have always been passionate about helping people and started retailing Forever Living products to help others in the same way that they have helped and improved my friend’s, my family’s and my own health. I have created my own health and wellbeing business in Ireland building my team and community for the last fourteen years. My business has afforded me more of what I love, it brings me security in the form of a pension but most importantly it has led me to learn so many new things and has opened me up to the endless possibilites that are available to us all.

          – Anita Ryan-Kelly

My Health And Wellbeing Business Focus

A great opportunity to help others

Health and wellbeing business team - Ireland

Alongside my team of passionate business owners I promote health and well-being

I am passionate about helping others realise their goals, I work closely with all of my team members, by listening to them and understanding what they want from their business. Some people are happy to earn a few extra hundred Euro a month and some would like to earn a considerable amount more. I work closely with each person and support them until they are achieving their goals. Forever Living Products have a simple, proven business method that supports us business builders to help others. As a health and wellbeing, Irish business owner, I love to work with people who share the same passion and values as me and have found that others love that too. I am passionate about the natural products that Forever Living offers and their benefits. I am not a hard sales person, I like to share the products and help people, and my team has grown from this. I give time to listen and hear what people want, this way I can help them in a way that suits their needs. My journey as a Forever Living Business owner has given me the opportunity to meet new and open minded people, has helped me to learn so much and has given me the chance to directly impact the lives of others; that’s why I love what I do.

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“Health is a state of mind. Wellness is a state of being”