My Health And Wellbeing Journey

Wellbeing business owner in Ireland - Me With My Family

Running my own business from home gifts me with more time with loved ones – pictured here with my husband and son.

For over fourteen years I have run my own successful health and wellness business from my home in Dublin, Ireland. Along with my team of passionate individuals, I promote wellness products under the Forever Living umbrella which not only delivers natural Aloe Vera-based health products worldwide but also provides an opportunity to learn, grow, meet new and open-minded people and, the best part… work from anywhere.

I’ll be honest with you, I never dreamed of getting involved in network marketing and had my reservations before I started…..

….. but for me, my business journey began because of my health.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes over 30 years ago and at the time, it was crushing for me, I remember thinking “how has this even happened to me?” 

Some years after my diagnosis, I started using Forever Living’s natural products which were recommended to me by a friend. After using them consistently I witnessed my health improving and along with this, I started to lose weight. Then my husband and son joined me in using the products, and they too saw improvements in their health.

After experiencing the results these products had on me and my family I wanted to get out there and share them with the world!

That’s when I started retailing as Anita Aloe.

Since then my love of Forever’s natural products, spirit for life, mindfulness, and passion for helping others has enabled me to build an incredible network of inspiring & like-minded people. My team and I work closely to assist each other in gaining more freedom and doing more of what we want in life.

My wellness business has afforded me more of what I love, it brings me security in the form of a pension but most importantly, it has opened me up to the endless possibilities that are available to us all. 


          – Anita Ryan-Kelly

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