Forever Essential Oils

Forever Essential Oils are selected, harvested and produced with the highest quality in mind. Mineral content of soil, climate, location and sustainability are all considered when choosing a location to source the botanicals, fruits, herbs and plants that become Forever Essential Oils.

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Forever Essential Oils

Forever Essential Oils – Gift Box

This convenient sample tri-pack contains 5ml sample sizes of all three single notes: Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender.

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Carrier Oil

A proprietary blend of aloe vera, vitamins E, A and C and natural unscented oils. The perfect carrier oil.



Grown and harvested in Bulgaria due to ideal climate and soil, Forever’s Essential Lavender Oil contains high levels of…

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Lemon, one of the most well known and loved oils, has been used throughout the world for centuries for its antiseptic properties.

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The peppermint is extracted from plants that have been grown and harvested by the same farm for generations.

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Forever Essential Oils – At Ease

The At Ease blend provides a combination of wintergreen, lavandin, eucalyptus, coriander, olibanum, rosemary, roman chamomile, peppermint, basil and origanum.


Forever Essential Oils – Defense

The Defense blend combines clove bud, orange, cinnamon bark, rosemary, frankincense, eucalyptus and juniper berry to…

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Forever Essential Oils – Soothe

Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus.This blend of oils provides a perfectly balanced combination of wild mint, wintergreen, camphor, ylang ylang and chamomile, specially blended to soothe.


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