Connecting With Nature In The Autumn – My Favourite Places In Ireland

Connecting With Nature In The Autumn - Sunset In Cappa Bansha, Ireland

The weather is so beautiful currently, I love the bright sunshine and seeing the changes to autumnal colours, the crispness of the leaves falling from the trees, berries all around and, apples ready to be picked. Connecting with nature during the autumn is very important for me and has played a big roll in my life for many years.

Connecting With Nature In The Autumn – So, Posing With The Galtee Mountains In The Background

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Connecting With Nature In The Autumn

The Story Behind My Connection

This time of the year, I remember my late Mom and Dad, both have gone to their eternal homes, 24 and 13 years in late Summer and Autumn respectively. Time passes, and there is never a day that goes by that I do not remember them in one way or another – often I feel like sharing something that happened or would like to get an answer to a question. I remember one of my Aunts saying after my Mom died “you will start to live again, and in time you will live differently”.

I always celebrate my parent’s memory around their anniversaries, along with my siblings we celebrate by doing something that both my Mom and Dad would have liked doing. It’s also a time to meet and catch up with my siblings who all live in different places now. This year, being so different with lockdown, I am spending a day with my Sister going down memory lane and sharing photos and stories.

Connecting With Nature In The Autumn – My Favourite Places To Visit


As children we used to holiday at a lovely seaside resort in Waterford, called Ardmore. It was such a magical time and I, mostly wearing rose-tinted glasses can never remember the rain – just the lovely beach, the walk around the cliff, the trip to the amusement park, and the trail to St. Declan’s Well and Round Tower. I remained fascinated as to how the monks could climb up a rope ladder and hide there when there was an invasion going on.

Glen of Aherlow

Having been brought up looking at the Galtee Mountain range in Tipperary, I simply love the draw of the Mountains. There are some fabulous walks through the woods and all around the Glen of Aherlow. To me there is nothing nicer than being outdoors on a crisp Autumn day and experiencing the changes of colours throughout the landscape and the position of the sun in the sky that brings in the weakening rays of light. The Glen of Aherlow is a great place for connecting with nature in the Autumn or in fact, at any time of the year.

The Galtee Mountains, Tipperary, Ireland – One of my favourite places to connect with nature in the autumn.

Rock of Cashel

Another of my favourite places is the Rock of Cashel in Co. Tipperary, also known as Cashel of the Kings, there are many stories told about the Rock. The Rock of Cashel was the traditional seat for the kings of Munster, it’s a spectacular sight to see as you come off the M8 and onto the road to Cashel, for me it’s a sign that I am homeward bound.

The Beauty Of Connecting With Nature In The Autumn

I love to walk along a shoreline and feel the freshness of the air on my face – watching the waves, enjoying the vastness of the sea, looking out as far as I can see. I admire people that swim in all seasons. When I am out I like to be wrapped up in warm clothes, good boots, and just to be cosy. Sitting on a rock or a bench and soaking in the atmosphere of the area, I always let my mind flow into its creative mode.

Sea shells whilst taking a walk along the shoreline.

Wheres your favourite place to go and get connected with nature during the autumn? I’d love to know so please tell me in the comments below.

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