Bringing Leadership And Culture Transformation With Molly Harvey

Bringing Leadership With Molly Harvey

Molly is an author and CEO of her own business which she set up in 1993. She has spoken to over 500 leading organisations worldwide bringing leadership and culture transformation to them with her unique skill set. One of Molly’s key skills is the ability to question and provoke audiences to think differently about the way they work and live. She lives and speaks from the heart and is recognised as a leading authority on leadership. Molly is dedicated to now building a global community of women who are ready to make changes, step out, be seen and be heard in life and business.

Bringing Leadership – Molly Harvey

I (Anita Aloe) am a licensed FBO Forever Living Business owner which enables me to promote, recommend and make affiliate commission from any of the products purchased through my Forever Living online store. This affiliate income goes directly towards the running of this website, my business and allows me to continue to help others with better health and wellbeing. All products on this site are recommended by me, from my own personal experience. Individual results may differ from person to person.

Tell me a little about yourself and what you do…

Thank you for the introduction. I think my no-nonsense, thought provoking approach combined with speaking from the heart is my gift. Making the complex simple and being able to convey this to others to inspire action has led me to become recognised as a leading authority on bringing leadership and cultural transformation.

Q1 – How did you come up with the concept and name for your business?

The concept for the business came about because I have studied Human potential for over 30 years. A deep passion for working with people and organisations.

Q2 – What motivates you to be creative?

The early morning motivates me, get up and learn when the world sleeps
That’s is my most creative time.

Q3 – Nature is something that inspires me massively, how would you say that this relates to you?

Nature and the sacred is where I draw my inspiration from as a speaker and writer. I have always drawn my inspiration from nature since I grew up on Curraghmore Estate County, Waterford in Ireland.

Q4 – When did you start using Forever Living’s natural products?

I started using forever living products seriously in 2009.

Q5 – What is your favourite Aloe Vera product and how has it benefited your health and wellbeing?

My favourite forever living product is the Aloe Vera Gel it has made a profound difference in my skin, digestive system and general health.

Q6 – Finally – if you could share one tip for other creative business owners or people looking to start their own business what would it be?

Make your someday today, bring the future into the present and start your business today.

Learn more about Molly Harvey and what she does best…

Websites –

LinkedIn Molly Harvey

Facebook – Molly Harvey – Make Changes Not Excuses
Instagram – Molly Harvey Leadership
YouTube –
Molly Harvey – Women Making Changes Not Excuses

Bringing Leadership – Many Thanks

Many thanks to Molly Harvey for sharing her story, answering my questions, and delivering inspiration to those of you who are thinking about creating your own business – the time to start is now!

You can check out some of the great Aloe Vera products like the Aloe Vera Gel recommended by Molly in my online shop.

If you are feeling inspired after reading this guest post and are interested in starting your own health and wellness business or if have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by dropping me an email or booking a free discovery call.

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